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It's Reigning Baby Fever: Toya Johnson Welcomes 2nd Child

From “Baby Mama” to Boss, Toya Johnson (also known as Toya Carter or Wright) has showed the world that she is hotter than ever (even with a baby bump). Following the unfortunate deaths of her two younger brothers Rudy and Josh Johnson and her public seperation with former husband Mickey "Memphitz" Wright, the famed author has once again become the latest talk of the town due to the recent birth of her new baby girl, Reign Ryan Rushing. Toya drew even more eyes on her due to the secretive nature of just whom the child’s father was. Must be love in the air!

Toya first began hinting at her secret new love when she posted a picture on Instagram of a shirtless (and faceless) mystery man with the caption, “Happy birthday zadddy”. Boy is it getting hot in here?! She later released yet another faceless picture from her 90s themes party. The pictures were only released a couple months apart, but the world wants to know why Toya kept him a secret so long? According to an interview with Sister Circle Live, she explains that, “a private life is a happy life and I went through a whole lot with sharing my marriage and opening up about previous relationships and this time I’m just taking a different approach”. I guess that sums everything up, but were happy we finally get to see this mystery man. Her new boo and the father of her child has since been confirmed to be an Atlanta sports manager, Robert “ Red” Rushing.

On October 24, 2017, Toya released a Instagram video capturing the important portion of her gender reveal party that included all of her family and friends. She announced that day that she was expecting a beautiful Baby Girl. Months later an angel was born! Baby Reign was officially born on February 2nd, 2018; weighing in at 7lbs, 7oz of pure love!

The couple seems to be happy and better than ever, but some people are a bit worried about Reginae's reaction due to her being Toya’s only child for 18 years. However, no need to worry, since Ms. Carter has shown to be so excited about the new addition to her family.

She’s recently began posting Reign all over her social media and always expresses how excited she is about her baby sister. There's no better bond than a sister, irreplaceable.

These days Toya has been hard at work at both her New Orleans and Georgia boutiques (G.A.R.B. & G.A.R.B shoetique, respectively), her bonnet line (BeforeBedHeadz) and the release of her latest novel, a collaboration with her first born, “You Just Don't Get It”, which hit shelves this past October. It is safe to say however, that her favorite job is being a Mom. Congratulations to Toya and Red, we hope their love continues to blossom.

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