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Black Superheroes? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

Remember the popular comic book & short film Raising Dion? No? Well, where have you been? Everyone’s talking about it and now Netflix is bringing the series our way!

Raising Dion is an hour long Sci-Fi series (10 episodes), that follows the story of Nicole Reese; an African American single mother raising her son Dion alone due to her husband’s death. As if life couldn’t take anymore unexpected turns, she discovers that her son has superhero like abilities! With the help of her husband’s best friend Pat, she tries to hide and protect her son from those out to exploit him while still trying to figure out the origins of his powers.

As Netflix has found great success within their Marvel Partnership, Raising Dion is their next step towards following the modern day superhero trend. The series was created by Writer/Director Dennis Lui, who’s inspiration was to bring more diversity to both Film and Television. The series is even set to feature the super handsome Michael B. Jordan! So, you know we’re just a tad bit excited (okay maybe a bit more). Are you ready for more relatable comic series’ that not only include issues affecting our community but also: Superpowers, Imagination, Adventure, and more? Well this is the series for you! Viewers are definitely in for a special surprise. Stay tuned!


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