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Anything He Did, She Did It Better

My girl Taraji never fails us! Best known for her role in FOX Network’s hit show Empire as the fierce, Cookie Lyon, and for her box office hit Hidden Figures, where she portrayed the smart and ambitious, Katherine G. Johnson. Henson is known for portraying strong, sassy, no nonsense women and it looks like she's back at it again!

Taraji P. Henson has struck, what we assume will be yet more box office gold, with her recently announced role in a gender flipped remake of, “What A Women Wants”. The new film is inspired by Nancy Meyers’ 2000 Romantic Comedy, originally starring Mel Gibson, who was a bold, self-sufficient, biased man who discovers his ability to read the minds of women after he experiences a freak accident. If only men could do this in real life, lord would the world be a better place!

Taraji on the other hand flips the script, as she plays a female sports agent who regularly gets the wrong end of the stick due to her working in a male dominated environment with colleagues who thrive on giving her a hard time. However, she’ll show them, when she receives the amazing ability to read the male mind; using this gift to sign the next big NBA star.

This new twist gives us a different outlook on Sexism in the workplace and also a bit of flavor to the screen as we watch roles reverse. Will Packer the producer of “ Girls Trip” will be producing this film with James Lopez; it’s even rumored that Henson will be producing as well (so we know this will be a hit for sure).

We can already tell that the movie will be great, but, there's bad news. Yes, bad news. We, the audience, will have to wait a whole year until the movie is released. The movie is said to drop on January 11th of 2019. So sad to wait, however, I'm sure it’ll be worth the wait. So don't stress! just get yourself ready, with your Popcorn and Drink in hand, and prepare for all the lights, cameras and action Taraji is set to serve us with.

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