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Top 5 Reasons Why Chris Brown Is A Music Legend

In a recent tweet, R&B/ Hip Hop icon Chris Brown stated that, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars, should go on a world tour alongside himself. While some fans agree that this is in fact good idea, others feel that Brown is not on the same level as the aforementioned. Even though he humbly requested no more than 10% from the pitched idea, Brown has done entirely too much as an artist to not be considered as one of the greats. Here are the Top 5 reasons why Chris Brown deserves to be recognized as a legend:

1. Accomplishments

In 2005, Chris Brown came out with his first hit single “Yo” at the tender age of 16. For over a decade the singer has continuously delivered hit after hit; each giving of different vibes and purposes. For example, “With You” made everyone want to cuddle up with their Boo while “Loyal” had a lot of people take a second guess about their current cuddle buddy. With 83 awards, including 14 BET Awards and a Grammy for Best R&B Album (F.A.M.E), it is impeccable for an artist to consistently produce five-star hits that relate to almost anyone.

2. Vocal Range

Brown possess a wide vocal range; even challenging those of some Female Singers. His vocal type is considered a Chivalrous Tenor with a G2-E6 range. A few of his vocal highlights can be found in popular tracks like: “Back To Sleep”, “Don’t Think They Know”, and more. Brown’s wide vocal range allows him to showcase much versatility separating him from the likes of One Hit Wonders and “Trendy” artists.

3. Dancing

We all know he can sing, but on the dance floor, Brown is a beast! With dancing skills inspired by the King of Pop himself, Brown is able to entertain his fans in many ways. From his videos to the stage, you can always expect a good portion of straight dancing, and amazing dancing at that. He dances with precision, confidence and animation; making it hard to look away when he is heating up the floor with his moves.

4. Versatility

Aside from his obvious skills, Brown can also rap. He has been known to include raps in many of his songs and even indulges himself in a few cyphers, but overall he always leaves his fans wanting more. When Brown sings it sounds like words coming from his heart, as opposed to when rapping; words coming straight from his mind instead. Honestly, if Chris were to release a song or album consisting solely of rap, it would do just as well as any of his past projects.

5. Stage Presence

Everyone knows seeing their favorite artist in concert is not cheap, however anyone who attends a Chris Brown concert will receive a show worth every penny. From the dancing to the costumes and great singing, the entire production will have you leaving with a feeling of total fulfilment. Since Chris Brown is multi-talented, he is able to entertain the crowd in more than one way; from vocals, to moves, to eye capturing effects that are sure to put you in a trance.

Overall, not everyone may agree with it, but Chris Brown is truly a talented artist. The work that he has put in overtime has granted him a place in music royalty. His music, the way he dances, and his creativity has made him a very entertaining component in the music industry and without him it would not be complete. If this concert were to ever happen, it would most likely receive a lot of support and will probably be the biggest concert of all time.

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