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HBCU Day at City Hall

On, February 13 at nine o’clock, the community was urged to wear their HBCU’s tee and sweat shirts representing their alma mater. A City Hall Proclamation ceremony recognized the work of Xavier University alumna, who was recently appointed Senior Advisor on Homelessness to coordinate the community’s comprehensive efforts to address homelessness. Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been under attack as irrelevant in the 21st century by different scholars now that segregation of public and state school was a violation of the 14th amendment and unconstitutional for more than 60 years.  It is more than four times as many students choose historically black colleges and universities than 40 years ago. The experience that the people and staff gave might have enlightened more African American students to attend an HBCU. For 159 years, historically black colleges and universities have shaped African American history. Today, they are shaping LA’s future.

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