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Janelle Monae is Back!

Known for her vintage style and rhythmic songs, Janelle Monae is an interesting artist to watch. With her hit song "Tightrope" which kicked off her career in 2010, she's been climbing the ladder of success with ease. Now 2018, Janelle has announced the release of her new album called, Dirty Computer which features her song “Make Me Feel” that everyone is talking about. There is so much buzz about her new song and visual for “Make Me Feel” because of how much it reminds listeners of the late great Prince. Janelle came out and said that she resembles his sound so much because, before he passed in 2016, he had actually helped her with the song. With her album releasing very soon, hearing that Prince played a part is leaving people very curious as to what she has to bring to the table. Trust me, you’ll all want to take a seat.

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