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Chloe and Halle Takeover!

The world’s new favorite sisters, Chloe and Halle, have released a new album on March 23rd . The talented duo released an 18 track album called The Kids Are Alright” that showcases their R&B skills throughout the entire album. The album features artists such as Joey Bada$$ and Goldlink. The two musical artists also have a song that was featured on the show that they star in called Grown-ish along with actress Yara Shahidi. These two sisters are signed to Beyonces' Parkwood Entertainment label and have definitely took the entertainment world by the reigns. Beyonces' role as a mentor to them is apparent as we listen to the beautifully vocalized R&B songs on the album. The album talks about this generation of kids and social trends, which Chloe and Halle also cover in the show Grown-ish. Click the link to check out The Kids Are Alright.


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