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Miguel's War & Leisure

February 22, 2018 kicked off the Miguel War & Leisure tour and so far the tour has been what Miguel calls “his most political and passionate tour to date”. Going on tour has never been much of a solo thing, but instead includes upcoming artist as openers for the tour as well.

This tour includes Miguel’s own personal brother Nonchalant Savant, and R&B singer Sir. Both of these artists have the similar sound and vibe that Miguel’s fan base is already accustomed to, so fitting these two into the lineup wasn’t difficult.

Miguel is no rookie when it comes to performances either. Miguel has been on tour with major label artist such as J Cole, Drake, and Bruno Mars in the past and has proved to himself and fans to be an R&B sensation.

Now that it is April,The War & Leisure tour was expected to slowly come to an end, but to our surprise the tour dates have extended to September of 2018 and could possibly be adding more dates.

The one thing Miguel wants fans to take home from this tour experience is to stay positive and be mindful as you go on coping with personal struggles to find your way and self-actualization.

He coined the phrase “hot and bothered” during the tour and it took on a dual meaning, which made the War & Leisure tour more triumphant in the end.

Check out his mirror album titled War & Leisure on all streaming platforms today!


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