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Kali Uchis Isolation

Columbian-American singer, Kali Uchis, released her album, "Isolation", on the 6th of April. This 15-track album demonstrates Uchis’ wide range of genres as the intro gives us a jazzy, island feeling that leads us to a reggaeton vibe mid-album. She not only switches up on the genres, but she switches languages; which makes this album even more worth the listen. Uchis’ ends her album with a song called “Killer,” that gives us a more soulful sensation. Isolation features artists such as BIA, Steve Lacey, Jorja Smith, Columbian artist, Reykon, Tyler the Creator, and Bootsy Collins. With three of her songs being interludes, Uchis’ manages to keep the audiences’ attention with her genre-switching album and artist variation. Isolation is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube, but to hear it right now, click the link below.

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