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Reciprocated Energy

Teyana Taylor’s anticipated album "K.T.S.E." (Keep That Same Energy) isn’t shy away from her Kanye West produced song, “Fade.” “Fade” gave us sex, love, and family; this eight-track album is an abundance of all three. Teyana has been in the music industry since 2009 when she first signed to Pharrell’s label StarTrak, and during that time she was full-blown tomboy status. But when she finally turned legal, we started to see her soften up her image. Since being with Iman Shumpert, she has dived into her sexuality full throttle. The raspy voice R&B singer lays her heart and feelings out throughout the album giving you the nostalgic feels of the 90’s while still keeping it current. Kanye West produced the album and is also featured on track four “Hurry” where she expresses how if you like what you see hurry up and take it. But if “Hurry” wasn’t enough sex, “3 Way” featuring Ty Dolla $ign gives you an insight on how Teyana and her hubby had a conversation about them having a threesome. In “Rose in Harlem”, she talks about the process of her come up and how people claim to be real, but she sees through all the fakeness. “Never Would Have Made It” pays a little homage to Marvin Sapp, but the song is a dedication to her family. Teyana talks about how she has learned from her mistakes and knows what she has to do to keep the same energy towards success. "K.T.S.E." is available on all media platforms. Listen to "No Manners" below!

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