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Passion Like Fire!

6 studio albums, 25 singles, 1 compilation album, and 1 EP under her belt … right next to her 6 Grammys!, Artist Tamia Marilyn Hill, who goes by just her first name “Tamia” is ready to embark on her two-month long tour titled “TAMIA: Passion Like Fire Tour.” Tamia will be traveling to cities like Los Angeles and then all the way to Brooklyn. There are 23 dates with different cities that she will be making her way to over those two months. Tamia has only headlined one tour of her own, the “Love Life Tour”. She has even performed alongside of people like R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot, and that’s just a few to mention. She clearly isn’t a stranger to a big stage or an audience of plenty. Not too long ago, in April, Tamia released “Leave It Smokin” which will be the lead single of her upcoming album Passion Like Fire. This song has reached the top three of the Billboard’s column for R&B adult songs. This album is set to release in early September. On July 24th , Tamia released another single “Today I Do” which will also be on her upcoming album. I think Tamia is giving fans just enough time to learn the lyrics from her album before she begins her tour so they can dramatically sing out the words at her concert. Stay on the lookout for the release of her seventh studio album and also check to see if she’s coming to a city near you with this link to her events section on her website!

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