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LeBron James Attacked by Donald Trump

Whether they play sports or make music, celebrities are considered idols. With so many people that look up to them they can have strong impacts on the younger generation and underprivileged communities. Yes, most celebrities donate money or give back to their communities, but what about creating a school? LeBron James, who has won six NBA titles, recently created a school in his hometown, Akron, Ohio.

James created the “I Promise School” for at-risk kids. Growing up in Akron, James was an at-risk child himself. He missed 83 days of schools due to problems at home. Many teachers didn’t expect him to pass the fourth grade, but due to a few teachers he was able to pass. The “I Promise School” will open their doors to more than 240 third and fourth graders. The students that attend the school will also receive free tuition and uniforms, free breakfast, lunch, and snacks, free transportation within 2 miles, and a free bicycle and helmet. Not only are the kids being provided with a safe and supportive environment, the parents are also benefiting from the school. The parents of the children that attend the school, will also be provided with job placement services and GED help. They also will receive access to a local food pantry.

With all of these great benefits, it still seems that some people don't agree with James’s school. The main critic is none other than Donald Trump himself. This isn’t the first time Trump and James have had a war of words. The first incident was during game 3 of the NBA Finals. During a news conference, a reporter asked James about how President Trump canceled the Philadelphia Eagles visit because half of the team would not be showing up. James responded by saying, “I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants to get invited anyway. It won’t be Golden State or Cleveland going”. 

Trump didn’t have much to say towards James' comment, but he did have a lot to say about his interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. Trump has always harbored a strong dislike against CNN because of “fake news”. Trump tweeted, “LeBron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made LeBron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!” It didn’t take long for many people to come to the defense of LeBron. 

Karl-Anthony Towns, Steph Curry, and many others attacked Trump’s tweet with facts about the “I Promise School” itself. Others, attacked Trump for not being supportive towards the African-American community. Instead of causing a bigger scene, James simply responded with a picture of some of the students of the “I Promise School”. You can watch the James’s interview with Don Lemon here:  

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