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No Rain

No rain, No Flowers has the feel of a very personal body of art. The music she has on this album indicates so much within how she feels. Sabrina is from Miami so instantly you can tell she is a very vibey person. This is her third relaxing, candle lit body of art. Sabrina has a voice so majestic and angelic that just gives you chills. This piece of art must be about a certain special someone because the album is filled with so much love and passion. The body of music has such a quiet storm type feeling, she gives us the kind of music that you could just lay beside your significant other and just gaze in their eyes. She tells a story with the format of her songs. She was very creative with this body of art and in the next 5 years, she will be a name we consistently hear. About a year and a half ago Sabrina had gotten into a social media dispute with a fan saying derogatory terms and offending a lot of her fans making them feel as if she was a racist.

This album was a great way to apologize to her fans, delivering great music, something her fans love to hear. The Miami singer was actively pursuing a modeling career until she blew up from singing. Since then she has released 2 albums in which becoming very popular. Sabrina is a global R&B star , who continues to out do her self I am so excited to see what she has in store for the future.

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