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A Macy Gray Vibe!

Macy Gray is known for her various talents. If you don’t know her as the mother in the movie “Brotherly Love,” or even the Sandman’s wife in “Training Day,” you should at least respect her enough to know she is an American singer and songwriter. She just dropped her 10th studio album. This album is titled Ruby.

Macy Gray has such a jazzy but yet very raspy tone to her voice. The track list is as followed: Buddha; Cold World; Over You; White Man; Tell Me; Sugar Daddy; When It Ends; Just Like Jenny; Jealousy; Shinanigins; But He Loves Me; Witness. Let’s just say, this album is bound to be playing through the ladies’ speakers while they relax and have a glass of wine with the candles lit. Don’t miss out on something good, check out Macy Gray’s latest album on all streaming platforms ASAP!

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