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Big Love

First and foremost I would like to state that the Black eyes peas has made one of the best songs of 2018 with this track . The song speaks on every social reform that all Americans need to hear but they will never hear because a song like this won’t get played on any type of media outlet due to the government not wanting people to really know how dirty they are. The song speaks on everything that the youth of this generation must go through whether it’s school shootings, interracial dating, and border patrol. The group speaks on a topic that very well must be talked about in my opinion this song deserves a Grammy. They state in the song “ We are some drugged up Americans” which may be the most accurate statement we have heard in a very long time. The song speaks so deep to people who still have souls and hasn’t let this world corrupt them or their mind. In the video they show in every case where love should be used when a gun is. Instead, to me the GUN symbolizes hate which is the whole purpose of the song. More love should be dealt out than hate. The Black eyed peas are known for positive uplifting music songs that make you feel good. This song is a song that makes you think. With its beautiful music, it has the power of a whole album in just one song. If you are into to politics and music this song is widely recommended.

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