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Chinedu Ikedieze

Chinedu Ikedieze is a Nigerian actor who has been acting since the day he became Aki. In Nigeria, 'Aki' in the tribe Igbo means "dark skinned". Born on December 12, 1977 Chinedu is known for being one of the 'troublemaker' characters with his stage brother Osita Iheme also known as, 'Paw Paw'. If you know who Aki and Paw Paw are, then you already know these men are the hysterical! Aki and Paw Paw are the two trouble making funny young boys played in nollywood films. Their names in the Igbo tribe mean 'darkskin' and 'lightskin' team. Aki is dark skin and Paw Paw is light skin, and majority of the time they are always together and are well known people in the African community for that. Their relation to one another are mostly just playing young brothers in the nollywood films they are in. The things they have accomplished was making their viewers laugh, Chinedu is currently in a television series called 'The Johnsons' and this televison series is about an average Nigerian family and the struggles they begin to face. In the series he plays Efe Johnson. Efe is supposed to be the eldest son that gives the family knowledge in their difficult situations. He also narrates some of the episodes and hates being called out about his height in the show. Chinedu was born and raised in a Nigerian village called Bende, Abia. He is the 5th out of 6 children from both of his parents and his tribe is Igbo. He got married to Nneoma Ikedieze in 2011, and he has always stood out more in the Nollywood industry because of his dwarfism and how he plays in the movies he features in. He usually plays in drama or comedy films and he doesn’t just act in films, he is also a filmmaker of movies as well. He professionally began his career in 1998, with the small film ‘Evil Man’ and rose up to more after the hit movie in Nigeria ‘Aki Na Ukwa’. Chinedu received plentiful nominations and rewards for his acting career. For Chinedu to be an influential actor, he has took on many roles in many different movies, such as Aki Na Ukwa (2003): A film about two boys who cause trouble in their own village, home, and school. Aki was one of them to cause the trouble. 2 Rats (2003): This film is about two boys that have a father that passed away but was murdered by their uncle. The uncle that murdered their father is demanding the boys works as house boys in their own father’s house. So, the boys decide to make a plan to win this fight they have with their uncle. Chinedu plays the brother Bobo. The Meeting (2012): This film is about a man at the edge trying to secure a government contract and goes through trials and errors during the process. Chinedu plays Mr. Ugo Games Men Play (2006): This film is about several Lagosian couples experiencing drama in their relationships. Chinedu makes a special appearance in the movie. Here he plays Mr. Ugor. In this roles he gets involved in this scenario with two other characters in the movie.

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