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Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson and R&B Singer Tank to Host 2019 Bounce Trumpet Awards

What an exciting kick off to the year! Well known entertainer ‘Raquel Robinson’ and R&B Singer ‘Tank’ are set to host the 2019 Bounce Trumpet Awards in February! Raquel a Howard university alumni, an all american actress who is best known for her roles as the high school principal Regina ‘Piggy’ Grier on the WB comedy sitcom ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ (1996-2002) and also known as the sports agent ‘Tasha Mack’ on the CW/BET sitcom ‘The GAME’ (2006-2015). Raquel has played in 25+ movies as well and seemed to always have played the role of a stern, feisty mama that always meant business! She is a natural comedian as well, there's nothing she could say that wouldn’t make you laugh. If you are like me and were a big fan of the Television series ‘The Game’ you’re aware of the role Tasha Played and she was my all time favorite from that show alone. Alongside of her at the 2019 Bounce Trumpet awards hosting as well is Darrell Babbs better known by his name ‘Tank’, Tank is an american R&B singer-songwriter, record producer and actor. He is best known for his singles “Maybe I Deserve”, “Please Don’t Go”, and “When we”. In which I must say, all three of those singles did numbers and are my personal all time favorites! The trumpet awards are known for being an all star celebration of African American leaders all coming together to celebrate one another’s successes and inspiration they have spread amongst others. Imagine everyone that has achieved greatness and inspired others all together in one room for one big celebration, sounds like a tremendous amount of fun for everyone! From the red carpet view to the inside of the arena celebrities show up dressed to impress for this special occasion and we can’t wait to see what the 2019 Bounce Trumpet Awards has for us this year! Our two very special host Raquel and Tank will set the tone for the show in announcing awards and that will be the most exciting part!

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