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K. Michelle Teaches Her 15 Year Old Son About Ownership And Buying His Own Land

As we start to splurge in the New Year of 2019 some make resolutions and some make reservations for parties but 36, Singer K.Michelle makes money moves by buying her son, 'Chase' his own land of ownership. On Tuesday January 1st K.Michelle posted a video on her Instagram with her son stating that the New Year will start off to be great and she makes a statement about black empowerment and the importance of teaching our youth the importance of having their own. Others celebrities supported her by commenting and showing her love such as Rapper Bobby Lytes of Love and Hip Hop Miami , Kash Doll , and Jason Lee. It is Known that K. Michelle is about supporting black businesses and black empowerment so this one was a sure guarantee.K.Michelle is a brand of having her own business such as her hookah bar and restaurant “Puff and Petals”. It is located in Atlanta,GA where her store is doing exceptionally good.. Reviews stated that K.Michelle is all about her business so seeing that she will bring her son and raise him up to her belief and morals is no doubt. Michelle bought him his own land starting him off on his first investment and business proposition. The statement about the Land is what the ancestors fought for really brought attention about having black people to understand the importance of letting the generation of today understand how important that is to stand up and fight for what is yours in the community. There is saying that a mother would do anything to make sure that their child is good and safe. Do you think is K. Michelle teaching her son right? But Who's to say if her parenting is right or wrong? The concept and moral behind her entire approach is for her son to be a lifelong success, by starting him off young.


Here's a Peek at the original comment made by K. Michelle via Instagram:

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