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The Trumpet Awards

It’s almost time for one of the most prestigious award events yet, and that is The Trumpet Awards. The Trumpet Awards are catered to and cultivated for shining a light on those that contribute to the betterment of justice and equality for all. This great award is meant to give recognition to highly esteemed black humanitarians who were able to make a difference and an impact despite trials and tribulations that held them back from doing so. This award was originally present back in 1993 and has been given out to deserving individuals ever since. Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou and Ray Charles are just some of the many names that have been given this achievement award. Some categories that the award is presented in are the “Impact Award”, “Lifetime Achievement Award”, and “Innovator Award” amongst others. This year’s annual Trumpet Awards will be back in February 2019 for the 27th straight year. Be sure to look out for the greatness that will be highlighted and the achievements that are made!

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