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Chris Brown Arrested On Rape Charge

Chris Brown performed at Fashion Week in Milan, Italy this past fall. A judiciary source in paris confrimed to NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley on Tuesday that Chris Brown had been detained, along with two other unamed individuals on ‘Aggravated Rape’ and multiple narcotics offenses, and they were currently in police custody. The 24 year old unamed woman that accussed Brown of Raping her in his suite at Paris Mandarine Oriental Hotel during the night of January 15-16, dsiclosed to the police that she had met brown in a nightclub in central paris earlier that evening and that Brown invited her and other women back to his Suite. The women stated that at some point in the evening, she found herself alone in a room with Chris Brown and it was then that he allegedly raped her. The woman also stated that a friend of Brown and his bodyguard abused her. Rape is nothing to play with and this is a bad look for such a well known artist, Chris Brown. Chris is known for his singing, dancing, rapping, and is known to be one of the best performers in the entertainment industry. Chris had a harsh past from a series of events that led to arrest in his past and from relationships he was in. But he seemed to be brushing himself up and getting hisself back in a positive way since his daughter was born in 2014. Sticking to the music, touring, performing and being a dad Browns life was doing a complete turn around for the better. This is a harsh claim on his end but their are always two sides to every story, On Tuesday evening, the French Prosecuter’s confirmed to NPR that Brown and the two unnamed indivuals had been released from custody and that the investigation into the matter continues. Chris Brown’s management didn’t immediately return with a response in Browns defense but Chris took it upon himself to make a post via instagram denying the claims made, he stated, “I WANNA MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR…….THIS IS FALSE….FOR MY DAUGHTER AND MY FAMILY THIS IS SO DISRESPECTFUL [sic] AND IS AGAINST MY CHARACTER AND MORALS!!!!!” Uh oh, chris doesn’t seem at all happy about these allegations made on his behalf, but who would be? He’s raising a little girl and the last thing any parent would want is for their son/daughter to see or know of any negative things about them. Chris has had many run ins with the law for many of things in his lifetime, so for some, it’s easy to think this could be true but without all of the facts how will we know? According to TMZ, Chris plans to sue the woman for defamation, Chris Browns attorney, Raphael Chiche, said his client “Vigorously protests his innocence” and he has directed him to file a a complaint due to the “slander in which he has unfairly been subject”. As for the drug charges, those were dropped as well upon Chris’s release from police custody.

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