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Draymond Green & Hazel Renee are Engaged

A congratulations is in order for NBA basketball star Draymond Green and reality star/actress Hazel Renee. The crazy part is that neither one of them revealed the great news; the thanks for that goes to Green’s coach, Steve Kerr. Kerr slipped this piece of information during a interview about the extended L.A. road trip for the Warriors, on Monday, January 22nd.

“A nice change of pace during the middle of the season, especially in mid-January. Beautiful weather here and lots of guys have bought family members. Draymond got engaged. A lot of great stuff.” says Kerr. Though Coach Kerr spilled the beans about the engagement, social media is still head over here to hear the great news! Green and Renee started putting their relationship on social media in 2018, but it was rumored that the two were dating back during the latter part of 2017. On December 31st of last year, Draymond posted multiple pictures of Renee, her 4 year old daughter Olivia Jay, Draymond’s 2 year old son Draymond Green Jr., and himself. He captioned it by saying: “End of 2018 Highlights with my Clan! Happy New Year”

For those who don’t know, Hazel Renee is more then just “Greene’s fiance”. Renee has appeared on many television shows. She appeared on reality shows, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Basketball Wives”. She was also on season three of “Empires” playing the role of “Kennedy”.

Though there news didn’t get revealed the way they probably expected it, we are all still happy and can’t wait for Draymond and Hazel to release more information about the plans for their wedding!

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