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Anderson Pakk releases Oxnard

The Rapping, singing and drumming polymath is back with a version of what we call california funk and rap. 2016 was a great year for Anderson he worked so hard for many years and it had finally begun to pay off. Before I get to deep into this lets not forget he played a part in Dr. Dre’s late album Compton and what made him stand out in, his innate songwriting skills! A jack of all trades when it comes to the musical world, how can you not love him?

Everything about Paak is what makes this album what it is. From the instruments to the real world scenarios he places at the end of the songs that start off the album, it’s just amazing! Let’s not get started on his voice, that raspy voice is just something you would never get tired of. Speaking of what makes Paak’s album he has some features on here that makes this album go crazy (Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, J.Cole, Dr. Dre....etc).

The collaborations just fit so well for the vision he was trying to create. There is one song in particular on this album that stands out to me and that is “Who R U?”. This song shows how appreciative he is of the opportunities he's had and also just what he's capable of when he's in his rap mode! The flow is amazing.

Every song on this album is unique in its own way a vision is created here, and for my people who love cali vibes when it comes to music.. this is the album for you!

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