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A New Breed

From Making the Band 3, to Danity Kane, to Dirty Money, to simply Dawn Richardson, this American singer and songwriter has just released another solo project. There is no other artist to compare this sound to, that’s just how original it is. You can’t even compare it to her other work, this is a fresh new sound in a brand new direction. Dawn is giving us a vibe with this 10 track masterpiece. Maybe that’s why it’s called New Breed?

Scoring number one on the charts in 5 different countries, Dawn Richard also released a visual for her lead single “Jealosy,” where she’s serving nothing but face, body, and melanin. On Instagram she captions her picture with this “ this is a love letter to my city New Orleans to women who see themselves as kings, to brown girls who are constantly overlooked because they refused to be boxed in because of the color of their skin, to artists who don’t need genres to define them. ‬we got a number 1 album. God is real.” Make sure you stream her album on all platforms, or even grab a vinyl or cassette from her website.

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