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ESSENCE 2019 Hollywood Black Women Honoree

Actress and activist Amandla Stenberg, actress Regina Hall, actress Kiki Layne and actress, singer and activist Jenifer Lewis are all honorees of the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Award of 2019. These honorees have embodied this year’s event theme, The Power of Our Presence: Art and Activism. The Black Women in Hollywood Award is designed to recognize the excellent work that African women have accomplished.

ESSENCE interviewed Jenifer and asked her, “if your younger self would tell your older self-something what would it be?” Lewis answers with “I am so happy with myself right now. I think she would really be proud.” She responds to her response with the struggles that she went through in her life such as:

· Bipolar disorder

· Sex addiction

· Molestation

· Disappointment in Hollywood and in life

· Disappointment in relationships

She said about her younger self, older Jenifer would be very proud because of her accomplishments that she went through to get to where she was at now. Jenifer mentions that she is the happiest that she has ever been in her whole life. She tries to preserve with happiness to the point that she tells people that it is okay to not be perfect.

Amandla: Ever since Amandla was younger she has watched multiple black actors and actresses on television and she says that is her goal to become like them. Amandla is inspired by multiple people that are in the movie industry. “I grew up seeing black women in Hollywood and dreaming of one day being them. So to be recognized within the community that I do it for is so ratifying.

Regina: She has mentioned that it has been a process for her to get to where she has been now but it is all worth it at the end of the day. She has always been inspired and had motivation because of the women that she has worked around in her acting lifestyle. Essence interviewed her and she spoke about being honored with the award, “It feels amazing, it’s quite an honor as a black women to be recognized and celebrated by other black women.

Kiki: During the interview with Essence Kiki mentioned, “Now in the industry more black women are efficient to get our stories told. And an authentic way that just hasn’t been done, so especially in this time it feels very special to be a black women in Hollywood.”

Jenifer: Interviewing with Essence Jenifer said, “Well I’m honored. I’m honored to be honored. But I get up and honor myself every day. You want the light to shine on you, then look for it.” She also told woman that anything is possible if we put our minds to it and the sky’s the limit so we should never give up on our dreams.

When it comes to these phenomenal women they have accomplished so many television shows and movies in the African American community. Each woman has become a popular role model to several women internationally.

When it comes to this topic it claims that Kelly Rowland will be the host of the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Award. Since Rowland was chosen for this position she said, “I’m so honored to host this year’s Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards and shine a light on four exceptional women for their art and social activism”. “With this phenomenal Oscar-week celebration, Essence creates a special place that elevates the beauty, power and magic of Black women.”

These women will go to infinity and beyond with this career and I hope that they are all pursuing the dreams that they truly love. All of these women that were nominated are really good role models for anyone and I definitely look up to them on so many different levels.

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