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Alicia Keys Delivers Grammy Promise

Singer Alicia Keys hosted the 61st annual Grammy Awards earlier this month. During the show, the hostess made an announcement hinting towards new content for her supporters. Alicia Keys dropped a new video directed by Bill Stein entitled “Raise a Man”. Keys announced the new track and video via her Instagram account: “I just dropped something for yall! I was in the studio and I wanted to VIBEEEEE out!" She serenades us per usual in her newest song sitting behind a piano, her most comfortable environment, in the studio surrounded by friends. The concept is vulnerable and sentimental, mirroring the energy of the track. "Raise a Man" features the R&B singers 4-year-old son, Genesis.

"My friends were there, my Gen was there!!", she wrote on her Instagram post. The cinematics of the video repeated a smooth circular pan, revealing all of the elements of her environment in the studio, giving the viewer a warm personal perspective of the song. She sings,"Is it okay that I'm not independent? Is it okay that I... Is it okay that I show weakness?"

Alicia Keys has been an advocate for natural and honest beauty, continuously being the voice of reason in the name of self-love for women everywhere.

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