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Dermaplaning At Home

Dermaplaning is a super effective form of exfoliation that leaves your skin glowing and clear. Dermaplanning removes those pesky hairs and skin cells build up. Here's how to do it

1. Before treatment, cleanse skin thoroughly and pat gently to dry. Dry skin helps dead skin cells come off more easily.

2. Make sure the Dermaplaning tool is clean. Make sure tools are recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Hold your dermaplaning device in your dominant hand, work in small strokes going downwards. Start around your cheek and use your other hand to stretch the skin. Continue these strokes as you work your way to the jaw. Continue using light strokes throughout the rest of the face.

4. Be careful around the brow area and avoid sensitive areas such as eyelids, lips, nose, or anywhere else you wouldn't remove hair.

5. Now your new skin is ready to be pampered!

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