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How to be an InstaBaddie

1. Flawless Makeup and skincare

-Learn to master the art of makeup and making a clean look

-Skincare is important. You have to have a clean canvas for your art to be placed on.

2. Take good pictures

-Find the right pose to compliment your body

-Get a high quality camera. iPhones are great. If you have an android, borrow an iPhone or a high quality camera.

3. Fitness

-This depends on your body type and how you want to be portrayed as. This goes for curvy, short, tall, fat, stubby, etc.

-Don't try too hard. Fake it until you make it.

-Be you and show off your beautiful skin.

4. Nails

-Have your nails looking right and tight sis.

-Put some color. Use colors that are in season.

-Use acrylic if you want.

5. Outfits

-Colorful is always a good choice.

-Neutral is always a safe way to go for beginners.

-Backgrounds are a big things as well to compliment your outfit in your pictures

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