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21Ninety's Annual Summit 21

21Ninety’s annual Summit 21 convention is back in Atlanta, Georgia for 2 days this year for Black Girl Bliss & fun! Have you ever been in a room full a beautiful, talented, intelligent, intellectual, motivated, driven and loving black women? Summit 21 has done it every year! Bringing women together to empower and connect one another on so many different levels it’s ground shaking! Rather your interested in entrepreneurship, digital media, teaching, writing, etc. this is the convention for you. During the 2 days at Summit 21 you have the chance of networking with women on all different platforms, from all across the world. These women come and speak about their experience in their different industries, what it took to get their all while sharing their experiences and how it impacted them all while giving other young women tips on how they can move forward in their very own journey's. How amazing is it to just connect? Connect with woman that understand you and may be on the same journey or in the same space as you.. Is just amazing. This year summit 21 will be on June 7-9 during the 2019 convention we will have the pleasure of hearing many speakers come fourth and share different messages with us! This year we have a full line up which includes: Ashley Blaine Featherson, Joy Harden Bradford, Nichole Lynel, Karleen Roy, Melissa Butler, Dr. Crystal Jones, Malliha Ahmad, Pinky Cole, Jereshia Hawk, Mandelia SH Dixon, Mattie James, Morgan Fletcher, Lauren Wesley, Nicaila Matthews Okome, Marsha Barnes, Tonya Rapley, Bola Sokunbi, Alex Wolf, and Jewel Burks Solomon. This years convention focuses on entrepreneurship and leadership bringing 3,000+ women from all around the world together to be inspired you will get the opportunity to join sessions on business, beauty, impact all while learning how to strive in every part of your life. Summit 21 encourages young women to live their BEST LIFE.

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