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Yuna Pays Tribute to Her Home Country Malaysia in “Forevermore”

Singer Yuna has released a composition track showing appreciation for her home country in new song, “Forevermore”. The Malaysian artist released her latest single along with the visuals. The video takes place in Malaysia, collaborating creatively with her husband, director Adam Sinclair also from Malaysia, to embody and compose the music video. The visuals are shot mostly in Kuala Lumpur and Perlis. Full of culture and gentle simplicity, the concept blends perfectly with the vibe of the track. Most scenes were shot at Stadium Shah Alam, Batu Caves, an old school kedai runcit (sundry shop), and Proton Saga. The visuals highlight native people of the country, cultural dance, and colorful lighting schemes. Yuna explained in a press release, “ ‘Forevermore’ is a song that I wrote about growing up in a small town and coming from a small country and how that environment made me strive to be the best that I can be.”

Yuna nostalgically sings,

“I’ve been dreaming of this life (of this life) Piercing through my darkest night I’ve been fighting all my life Reaching for the sky” The track is ultimately about her life growing up in Perlis, paying tribute to her roots and showing humble gratitude to her home. The song fuses the melody of the “syair”, a form of classical Malay poetry, and a traditional Malay “kompang” drum. Yuna strives to remind the world that “we shouldn’t forget about the simple and beautiful things in life”. The ballad is from her anticipated untitled upcoming 4th studio album.

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