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Monica Returns with New Song Commitment

Monica is back! While fans eagerly wait for the arrival of her album Chapter 38, the veteran R&B singer released new track, "Commitment". Chapter 38 will be Monica's first studio album since her Code Red album of 2015 under her MonDeenise imprint since separating with RCA Records. The song "Commitment" begins with a sweet acoustic guitar sound and a booming bass intro. From that point on she grooves right along with the track with a fusion of harmonies, humming, claps, and snaps.

The track is simple and easy to understand. Monica boasts smoothly about wanting commitment in a relationship. She sings, “It don't take much. A little affection And some of your time. That's all that I'm asking for.” The song is a jam for sure. Monica never falters in her sounds, always delivering guaranteed bops, from “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Them Days)” to “Before You Walk Out My Life”. In the song "Commitment", she only wants stability and consistency. In the chorus she repeats, “I just need someone to love me When it's hard to, I can trust with all my issues. Someone who is patient and consistent. I need good sex and commitment.” Nonetheless, it is refreshing every single time she releases something new. Check out "Commitment" Below!

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