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Elle Mai Throws a Shot at Jacquees

Now who would have saw this coming? Things are heating up in the R&B community, or at least they appear to be. Fans seem to think that Ella Mai was throwing a couple of jabs at Jacquees on Twitter on Tuesday (April 9) after the singer referenced someone not singing their own songs.

"I’d be so embarrassed if someone brung me on stage and the only thing I could sing was someone else's song because nobody knew my actual music. poor thing," she tweeted. Now it just so happened that after he sung her song and the rumors were starting to appear about how Jacquess can’t sing and how he really was. Mai decided to tweet this. Plus we already heard that she was suing him for copyright issues based on the song “Trip”. Honestly people loved his remix but not Ella. Although the British singer didn't address someone directly, fans immediately pointed the finger at Jacquees for a number of different reasons. Many Twitter users shared a recent video of Tory Lanez bringing Jacquees out during his show at London's O2 arena. During his surprise set, he performed his remix of Ella Mai's "Trip." Now as you may remember, Ella and DJ Mustard sent a cease and desist letter to the Cash Money artist in 2018 to stop the circulation of his version of the song. That seemed to spark some tension between the R&B newcomers. Things seemed to cool down for a while, but the air began to swell once again after Jacquees called out DJ Mustard on Los Angeles radio show, Big Boy's Neighborhood in Mar. 2019. "Really though, DJ Mustard hated on me," Jacquees said. "No cap, though. That was crazy—shout out to YG though that's my partner and I want to work with DJ Mustard, too—But that was a hating move." Who is to say that this will blow over or it will make more drama for the both of these talented artist? With Elle Mai and Jacquees both having a big fan base we can only hope that this will all blow over and they both can continue making music and doing what they love!

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