'What Men Want' Movie Review

Having the ability to read my boyfriend’s mind, I would do just about ANYTHING to have that power; or will I regret it? The movie What Men Want, talks about a woman granted the power to read men minds (pretty cool right?). What Men Want was directed by Adam Shankman, starring Empire actress Taraji P. Henson. The movie is a spin off to a film created in 2000 called What Women Want.

The movie, as stated talks about a woman who mysterically is granted the power to hear men’s thoughts. Ali Davis, the main character, is a women working in a male dominated career: sports; specially being a sports agent. She fails to make partner for the agency she works at, Summitt, and that makes her wonder what does she need to do to be equal with the men in her career. Ali then encounters a psychic, who gives her a tea that, magically, allows her to read men’s thoughts. Ali sees this as a advantage, and races to try to sign basketball super star, Jamal.

Ali runs into Joe, Jamal’s father, playing a poker games with some male colleagues. With her powers, she’s able to knock out the other players by knowing all their moves; leaving her and Joe the last players in the game. Though she throws the game win to Joe, this is just enough for him to be interested into Ali. It is there where she pitches to Jamal to sign to Summit, during the midst she hears the thoughts of Joe saying he doesn’t trust a woman who doesn’t have a family of her own. Ali runs into a guy she met at a bar, Will, and though she stormed out on him when she stayed over upon meeting her son and seeing a picture of his ex-wife, she using him to play her husband one day when she invited Joe and Jamal out with her to a basketball game. This trick makes Joe doubt himself, and actually think that Ali and Summitt is a smart move for his son, Jamal. Soon on, Ali and Will go out on a double date with Mari, her friend, and Mari’s boyfriend to a basketball game. Mari’s fiance in his head, is checking out other woman; everything he’s thinking about them Ali hears. Later on that night, Ali and Will become intimate; she uses her powers to please him in the best way possible.

Soon on, Ali looks on the news and seeing that Jamal was looking to be signed to another agency, located in China. Her boss, Nick, threatens to fire her and reveals to Will that she was using him the whole time. Will leaves off, heart broken, telling Ali to never speak to him again. At Mari’s wedding, Ali decided to spill the beans about how her fiance and how he’s a cheater; this turns into fight resulting in Ali hitting her head. Once she wakes up she realizes that her male mind reading powers are gone.

She then finds Jamal, to talk to him to finally hear him out about he truly wants to do. She finds him at a basketball court and there he tells her that he doesn’t want to go to China, that he wants to stay in the United States. Ali reponse is that she just encourages him to follow his heart. So Jamal stays in the United States, and becomes the 1st draft pick for a NBA Team. Nick, her boss decides to move her as partner, but instead Ali decides to start her own agency.

Ali arrives to Will’s son, Ben, 6th birthday party, where she ask Will to give her another chance. In which he says yes!

Sounds like a nice movie to watch right? What Men Want is set to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 7th. Maybe upon watching it you’ll be able to read men’s minds too!

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