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B2K Joins Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Love and Hip Hop is franchise on VH1 which televise reality tv series. Up next on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Sources says that Raz B from B2K will be joining the next season of LHHH. Omarion is allegedly returning to the upcoming season of LHHH as well. Omarion and the mother of his children were on the cast of season 1 and 2 so his return would be a great addition to the awaited season. Lil Fizz was also on the cast of LHHH by he unfortunately got fired. With two out of the four members of the B2K being on the cast of LHHH it is expected to see the group as a whole make appearances. B2K is on currently on the Millennium Tour so maybe we’ll see some special footage on the next season of LHHH. Recently Raz B made the headlines because of relationship drama that got him arrested. Raz B has the LHH crew was filming and following him around during the duration of the tour. Raz B has already been in the media, so his storyline should be very interesting. Love and Hip Hop is definitely all about storylines and they’ve got a good one on their hands with Raz B. Not reported yet but, some believes his storyline will focus on his difficulties, relationship issues and the B2K reunion tour. Earlier this month, Raz was arrested in Minnesota for allegedly choking his girlfriend; Raz claimed self defense for his actions. The Millennium Tour grossed just a little over $5 Million. With Raz B and Omarion on next season should bring a little tension which would spice up the show. The tour consisted of B2K, Pretty Ricky, Mario, Chingy, Ying Yang Twins, Lloyd and Bobby V. This was the ultimate reunion tour for fans of the early 2000s. Hopefully we’ll see some of the ins and outs of the tour and have some special appearances on the new season of LHHH. Who would you like to see join the cast of Love and Hip Hop?

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