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Cardi B Explains on Why She's Been Cancelling Shows

“I Don’t Dance Now, I Make Money Moves” says Cardi B in her hit record “Bodak Yellow”; but it seems lately that the multiple award winning artist hasn’t been doing to much money making...or dancing. So far, Cardi B has cancelled shows several of her shows from last week, one of those shows being in Maryland and another in Texas. From the looks of it, she’s planning to cancel more of her shows as well (Sorry Cardi Fans).

The reason behind the cancellations? Plastic surgery. Specially a breast augmentation. This surgery occurred shortly after the birth of her little girl, Kulture Kiari, who’s she shares with husband, and ⅓ of the rap group Migos, Offset. This isn’t Cardi’s first time under the knife, on May 5th, at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis she revealed to the world that she had gotten liposuction; but even then she was performing knowing that she shouldn’t be: “I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna f*** up my lipo. But b*tch I’m still gonna get my motherf***ing money back, let’s go!” One can say, the 26-year-old’s luck caught up to her, because now her doctors are telling her she has too cool it’ and sit out her performances.

Cardi B went live on Instagram informing fans of everything that was going on. Once again, she talks about her love for money: “You know, I hate canceling shows because I love money.I'm a money addict, and I get paid a lot of money, a lot of money for these shows ... like I'm canceling millions of dollars in shows.” She also explains how her doctors were very adamant about her taking a break from music. "My doctor was like, 'Yo, you cannot be doing all these shows because you're not fully healed,’ "I gotta get better. The way that my body be swelling up when I catch planes and s**t, it's so scary that I be freaking out. Like I really be freaking out."

Lastly she ended by apologizing to her fans. ”I told the people that book me like, let people know ahead of time that I'm going to cancel the shows. I just want to say I'm sorry, guys.”

So behalf of the Divah Filez, I think we can all agree when we say, GET BETTER CARDI B! Take as much time off to heal as you need; and while your resting make another hit record to break the charts!


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