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Lil Durk Turns Himself In On Multiple Charges

Rapper Lil Durk is currently behind bars as he’s being accused of “attempting” to murder a man. Sadly, the rapper was on tour when he heard about the charges and immediately head back to Atlanta to turn himself in to the Atlanta Police Department. “I have nothing to hide...I have nothing to run from” says the rapper during an interview when asked why did he turn himself in.

The Atlanta Police Department was called to the scene after they got word of a person being shot around 5:45 a.m. on Tuesday, February 5th outside a restaurant called The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia. The victim, male of 23 years of age, who’s name for the moment is unknown, was shot several time. The victim was then rushed to the hospital, where he immediately underwent surgery. Thankfully, he survived. Police says they have 2 witnesses that say that the victim had appeared to be into a verbal argument with a black male; supposedly Durk was employed or associated with the victims street gang, shooting at the victim while co-defendant shot and robbed him.

Durk turned himself in on Thursday, May 30th and had a scheduled court day for the next day on Friday, May 31st. Durk gave his fan a hint that he was going to turn himself in on Wednesday, May 29th by posting a picture on Instagram saying nothing but the words “Turning myself in tomorrow”. Unfortunately, the judge didn’t see to it that Durk should be released on bail, and that may be because of the 5 felonies tied to his name: criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, possession of firearm during commission of a felony, possession of firearm by a convicted felon , and association with a criminal street gang to participate in a crime.

Durk’s last time seeing jail was back in 2012 over a gun charge. He pleaded during a bail hearing that he didn’t run, but that he willing worked with police by turning himself inn and added the fact that he has a home in Atlanta with his fiance, India Royale and he newborn baby girl, Willow, so he has no intentions on fleeing. But as stated, the judge saw it so that Durk will awake his court trial date in jail, which is scheduled for June 14th.

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