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Kiana Lede's Single "Bouncin"

The American vocalist is not new to the game but her new single has put her back on the map. Kiana Ledé has been mesmerizing people with her angelic voice since 2011.

Wowing judges and landing a spot in the kidz bop finalist arena pushed her to be recognized by American Idol winner Kris Allen.

Securing her first bag in 2012 she was officially an artist with RCA records. Since then she has been stunning her fans with an eclectic sound.

Her latest EP released June 9 features Migos member Offset on her single ”Bouncin.” The song seems like a really polite way to insinuate a one night stand. Promiscuous lyrics dressed up with sultry vocals and a pop beat one can most often be heard in a Forever 21! She has a verse in the song that reads:

don't know if you could deal with it, ayy

Whip it up and make a meal with, ayy

Ain't nobody gettin' real with it, ayy

Freak it up, break it down, break it down, down

Ooh, what am I seein' right now?

Ooh, lookin' so good with the lights out

I don't know you, but I want to, yeah

Put a move on it, I like that

If you want it, you could reel it in, show me what you got

And we don't gotta talk 'bout it, oh yeah

I do not know how you all took that but it gave me “shooters shoot” vibes and she was most definitely trying to get someone home with her with that one! The song matches its title perfectly. The song regardless of her lyrics has a very bouncy, bubbly feel with a hint of real trap artist rawness thanks to our beloved Offset.

The track is an easy-going summer bop. Her music is usually reflective of her Afro-Latina, Native American heritage with sultry indie- R&B feels. Her first album entitled Selfless was about her giving her all to everything in her life, her relationships, her career. But in her new EP Myself it has taken a very well deserved selfish direction, putting her wants and needs first.

This is evident in her new single "Bouncin". It sounds like she had fun working on this track. Mixing smooth R&B vocals with a hard trap artist exploring different avenues in his career as well. This track is one for her fans to keep on repeat! How Offset said in the song, “Summertime in the drop top or a Phantom (Drop top)

This gon' be your favorite song, bounce it to the anthem”

Go check it out here!


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