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Rockstar Couture- Lil Uzi

It is a well-known fact that being a rockstar is a lifestyle, more than it is a label. To fit the part, you have to not only act the part but dress the part. Lil Uzi Vert takes dressing the part to his own new level. Besides his keen eye for unique fashion at a younger age, the beginning of what his fashion has become started in high school when he refused to wear uniform, it created a rebellious streak. His fashion developed later when he began going on tour and traveling the world. He claimed it was the cultural experience and money that allowed his style to evolve. With a furious passion for fashion, it is said that his clothes inspire his music. A shopping trip with the artist entails everything from spending no less than four zeroes, and even a trip to the women’s section. Back in 2018 when asked why he shopped the women’s section, he responded simply, “I bought everything in the men’s section. There’s nothing else to buy, literally, I bought everything.” The mixture of gender neutral and pro gender clothing, punk rock, and high fashion make for some of Lil Uzi’s top looks.

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