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All My Love

Sabrina Claudio released single "All My Love" featuring Wale on June 18th.

The two artists both known for their poetic lyricism collabed on this piece, and it’s exactly what our ears needed! This song is definitely sexy and sensual with Sabrina effortlessly harmonizing on giving all her love to one special person. Sabrina Claudio seems to be cooking up another album and more collabs, she shares with Beats 1. “Definitely some sort of project or album is in the works. But also a lot of collaborations.” Sabrina’s latest album No Rain, No Flowers has us all ready to hear more of her angelic voice trinkling over soulful rhythms. Sabrino Claudio will be performing concerts and touring starting July 19th in Indonesia, Check out her and Wale single "All My Love below"!


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