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Megan Thee Stallion just made this hot summer even hotter by releasing album Fever May 17th. Megan is a southern belle from Houston Texas, she is not new in the music industry, in fact, Megan has been writing since the young age of seven years old. Megan got to see first-hand about the music industry because of her own mothers rap career under the name ‘Holly Wood’; this inspired young Megan to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Megan started her own rapping career after enrolling into Texas Southern University, seeing a couple of guys’ freestyle she then went home and told her mom she wanted to rap and the rest was history. Megan’s mother quit her full time job to support Megan as her manager, “I’d rather get into it with my mama than get into it with a stranger,” Megan told Rolling Stone magazine. After a cypher released of Megan rapping over instrumental Drake "4am in Calabasas", the young, talented rapper blew up from her raw, sexy, confident attitude. Fever is a 14 track album filled with turn up, ghetto fabulous sexually motivated music. Megan Thee Stallions dream in becoming Houston’s finest female rapper is becoming a reality as she pounces her way to the top! Megan may be performing near you. Check out concerts location, dates, and ticket prices below!

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