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Rough Drafs Pt. 2

It’s most definitely not Monday but he is everyone’s man crush! Trevor Jackson is back at it again making the girls swoon, and the men jealous. The actor best known for his role as Aaron Jackson in the hit series Grown-ish has once again amazed us by crossing platforms, releasing a new project this summer. Making this his third studio album.

Trevor holds nothing back in this album. Starting off with the track “SPAM In a Can” divulging all his deepest thoughts about the industry: “I'm a single actor turned rapper 'Cause ain't nobody come forth with it Ain't nobody grab the torch with it Feeling like the fountain of youth and everybody's absorbing it Been giving more than I'm getting, I swear this industry's disproportionate”

Moving between the television, film and music industry since 2016, he has experienced quite a bit and lets us know about it all in this track. Trevor goes on to tell Billboard

that this album is meant to be raw and real, discuss the actual life he lives and how he has managed fame since coming up. Getting his start as a child actor for Disney in the film “Let It Shine” -only a generation Z child would recognize this references- for the rest of us our first recollection of Trevor maybe in the hit show on FreeForm (our forever ABC family) Grown-ish or possibly in the film Super Fly. Nonetheless Trevor has been booked and busy since 2016 and it is apparent in his music. Reflective of the days he used to eat SPAM for breakfast, lunch and dinner, through his music he humbly tells Hollywood he refuses to be put in a box. And he made sure his music speaks to that, past the first track we have hip-hop bangers, R&B ballads, a little bit of a love song mixed with trap vibes. The album as a whole is unconventional, making it a masterpiece. Bouncing from topic to topic in his tracks keeps his music fresh. One minute you are vibing relating to his come up story, the next you're getting carried away in your own romantic fantasy as he serenades you in the track “Puddles.” Trevor never ceases to amaze us on screen but in the studio he is a whole other beast! The album continues to expose us to the truths of the industry, his raw self and his vision as a creative!

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