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LHHH Stars Lyrica and A1 Bentley Separated

You would think that after all the drama between Cardi B, Offset, and Summer Bunni, that people would avoid getting involved with Summer Bunni… but Love and Hip Hop Star A1 Bentley, did not learn from Offset’s mistakes. A couple months ago, every entertainment news outlet gave viewers live updates on Cardi B and Offset’s rocky relationship. There were reports that Offset cheated on Cardi with Summer Bunni, and that Cardi kicked Offset out of their house. Summer Bunni, who wasn’t very well known except for her friendship with Cuban Doll, made a name for herself in the clout chasing community by recording her own song about Offset and doing a variety of interviews sharing her side of the story.

A1 Bentley, who is a music producer, has been married to the singer, Lyrica Anderson, for two years, and the couple has been on Love and Hip Hop since 2016. According to an article on BET, the couple halted their marriage to none other than Summer Bunni. Last year, A1 and Lyrica welcomed their first child, Ocean Zion Bentley, and it is unsure which parent Ocean is currently staying with at the moment. There are reports that Summer Bunni will appear on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, and that the infidelity drama is going to unfold in the upcoming season. Neither Lyrica or A1 have publicly given an update on their relationship status, but they unfollowed each other and removed all of their photos of each other on Instagram.

One of Lyrica’s friends posted a video of Summer Bunni on facetime with A1, showing that they have communicated before, specifically when people are not around. According to Celebrity Insider, Summer Bunni asks A1 where he is and he says he’s at the studio. She proceeds to say ‘you must be around people which is why you’re acting funny.’ She then says that he should ‘keep that same energy I won’t forget it.’ At the end of the video, Bentley says that he will text her.

This isn’t the first report of cheating allegations for this Lyrica and A1. Last season, there were rumors that Lyrica cheated on her husband with Safaree Samuels, a fellow LHHH star. Those rumors were quickly shut down once she announced that she was pregnant and that it was A1’s child.

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