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The Love Reunion

Raheem DeVaughn is not letting up off our necks. He has been dropping bops since before 2005! DeVaughn has recently dropped a new album for the R&B Divahs. Raheem DeVaughn has always been our go-to man for all our sensual seduction needs. And once again he has delivered exactly what we expected! This is DeVaughn’s seventh studio album so he is no stranger to seducing the ladies.

The album emulates his true love making machine. Not only physically but lyrically. DeVaughn has always had a skill and poise about talking to the ladies how they like it. First getting attention with his debut album The Love Experience followed by a sequence of revamped albums all under the “love” title. “Love Behind The Melody” “The Love and War Masterpiece” “A Place called Love Land.”

DeVaughn has completed this project with 14 tracks with the interlude explaining who he wrote this project for “I made this song for any man whose committed adultery and any woman whose granted forgiveness.” The project is very fluid, moving from forgiving falsettos to sensual serenades. As a whole the album has an original Raheem DeVaughn feel. Having an extremely real R&B/Soul vibe. The type of music you listen to while cooking for your significant other! Needless to say he has outdone himself once again!

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