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Guess Who Joins Netflix's Outside the Wire

Damson Idris will be joining Anthony Mackie in new Netflix movie. It’ll be directed by Mikael Hafstrom and produced by various notable producers.

Emily Beecham will be joining the cast alongside the Snowfall actor.

Outside the Wire is Netflix’s newest sci-fi addition. The film takes place in the future and focuses on a pilot who joins forces with an officer in search for a device in a military zone. Mackie is set to play the pilot. Idris’ role has not been confirmed.

Idris has many other roles on his resume. Those include his roles in series such as Twilight Zone, Snowfall, The Missing, etc.

He also starred in a movie called Farming. A film that tells the story of immigrants traveling to Britain for a better life. Because of his performance in the film, the British actor won Best Performance in a British Feature Film prize not too long ago.

There is no official release date set but shooting has already begun.

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