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Marlon Wayans In Sextuplets

Marlon Wayans, who is best known for his roles in White Chicks, The Wayan Bros. and Marlon, recently took his acting skills to the next level… by playing six different characters in one movie. Sextuplets, which is a movie about a father with a baby on the way, who goes on a hunt to find his five long lost siblings before, is a Netflix film that was released on August 16, 2019. Marlon comes from a large family (five sisters and three brothers), so he was able to use his personal experiences with loved ones to relate to the six characters that he had to portray. When asked about how he was able to pull off playing six different roles for one movie, he gives a lot of credit to his past. In order to film Sextuplets, he had to commit 51 days of 15+ hour long days, but his experiences at his performing arts high school, doing standup comedy, improv work, and even his time on White Chicks helped him make each of the characters on Sextuplets different. Not only were the personalities of each character different, but they also had different physical features. Marlon had to play a four foot character, as well as a woman, which means that he was in the makeup chair for hours and hours each morning.

Sextuples is now streaming on Netflix.

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