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Meet the latest addition to The Resident cast

Fox’s drama The Resident will be welcoming TV veteran Morris Chestnut to the scene for its third season. For those who aren’t familiar with the series, the show is about a medical drama that focuses on the drama of what really goes on in hospitals.

The show first aired on January 21, 2018 but originally belonged to Showtime.

Chestnut is known for his various roles in the entertainment industry. He has experience in TV series as well as movies. Some of his more well known roles include Boys in the Hood, Best Man, The Perfect Guy, Rosewood, Heist, etc.

The Rosewood actor will play a Neurosurgeon by the name of Barret Cain, whose meant to correct the hospital’s finances. He’s an amazing doctor but money is his motivation.

He’s described as being “utterly ruthless” when it comes down to money and power. This characteristic will be what drives the show this season. I’m excited to see what Dr. Cain has in store for the rest of the doctors at Chastain.

The show’s third season will air at 8 on Tuesday, September 24.

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