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The Proud Family Reboot

And It's Backkkkkk! Disney is officially bring The Proud Family back. Now we've been wanting this reboot for yearsssssss and Disney is finally coming through. So, for those who don't know... The Proud Family was a cartoon on Disney that was released in 2001 and it centered a 14 year old teenage named Penny Proud. The show highlighted her throughout high school, her friends, family and other things that'll teenage girl would experience. Disney has a streaming series called Disney+ which will release on November 12th so we should be expecting the Proud Family around that timeframe. Disney+ is a streaming network which will feature new and old Disney shows and movies. Comedian Tommy Davidson, the voice of Penny's father Oscar Proud broke the news accidentally to the fans.He was interviewed at the premiere of 47 Meters Down and told the reporter that The Proud Family will be returning on Disney's streaming service.

From 2001 to now it's been 18 years since we've seen Penny, her family, her friends and the Gross sisters. Hopefully, Penny would be a HBCU grad and joined one of the NPHC greek sororities. So far, Kyla Pratt will being returning as the voice of Penny Proud and Davidson will still be Oscar but we hope the whole crew will be back. The Proud Family's twitter account dropped a few pictures confirming the this reboot is happening.

Supposedly, it's not a reboot just a new season but hey, we don't careee. As long as the same cast and theme song is coming back I'm GOOOOD!

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