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Cherish The Day Cast Add-ons

A few months back director and producer, Ava DuVernay revealed a collaboration with the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The two front runners of the industry explained a new television series in the works titled “Cherish the Day.” However, this wouldn’t be the first time the collaboration has occurred. DuVernay and OWN have also worked together on the show “Queen Sugar,” where DuVernay serves as an executive producer and the director.

Now, other big names in the film name are joining the cast to make the show possible. Xosha Roquemore is set to play Gently James and her costar will be Alano Miller, who will play Evan Fisher. Roquemore is known for her roles as Tamia on Hulu Original’s “The Mindy Project,” and JoAnn in the movie “Precious.” Additionally, Miller played Cato in the show “Underground.” The two will be playing one couple with an unfolding romance that lasts all season long. In fact, each episode is scheduled to represent one day of their lives. To top it off, this will be the first anthology series established by OWN. The couple falls in love in Los Angeles and will use each episode, or each day, to “reveal significant moments in a relationship that compel people to hold true to the ones they love.”

“I am honored to create television for a network headed by an artist with spectacular vision and unbridled passion for the stories we want to tell,” said DuVernay.

She isn’t the only one excited about the series. Oprah Winfrey also spoke out about the collaboration and her high hopes.

Winfrey stated, “Ava is a visionary storyteller. She brings so much care, so much heart, so much love to the art she creates.”

Joining the cast, along with Winfrey and DuVernay, are producers Tanya Hamilton and Paul Garnes. Hamilton will also be directing the series premiere which is scheduled to happen in the winter of 2020.

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