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Missy Elliot Has Returned to Hip-Hop Releasing New EP “Iconology”

It’s been 14 years since Missy Elliott has released a new album, but she has made a strong return, dropping new EP Iconology.

Missy proudly announced the EP right on time before the VMA’s award show via Instagram: “At midnight tonight I’m dropping a collection of new songs! Let’s #ThrowItBack to a time when music just felt good and made us want to dance! Sincerely, Dr. Melissa “Missy” Elliott #ICONOLOGY.” Her last album The Cookbook was released in 2005. Performing classic songs such as “Work It”, “Misdemeanor” “Get Ur Freak On”, and the single off of her new EP, “Throw it Back” at the VMA awards show for the first time in 16 years, Missy’s set was easily one of the best VMA performances of all time. Elliot also was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Music Video Awards that evening.

The EP Iconology is a five-song collection, produced by Missy Eliot and co-produced by Timbaland and Wili Hendrix. The EP features the tracks “Throw It Back,” “Cool Off,” “DripDemeanor (feat. Sum1),” “Why I Still Love You,” and an a cappella version of “Why I Still Love You”, all dripping with the classic unique sound Timbaland and Missy have created for decades. The visuals from the EP’s single, “Throw It Back” begin with singer and actress Teyana Taylor giving a young girl a tour in “Hall of Missy,” and showing her the eras of Elliott’s iconic career. The visuals for the rest of the track are crazy, with elements of Missy Elliott’s unique creativeness she produces in all of her videos.

She raps, “so many VMAs that i could live on the moon” as she stands on the moon in an astronaut suit, referencing to her history of success at the VMAs. Missy Elliot is back, and here to stay! “Iconology” is available on all major platforms. Check out her video for “Throw It Back” below.

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