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6 Years and OVER

After six years of dating, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes calls it QUITS. Now, we know the industry often plays a role in the breakups when it comes to celebrities. On August 17, rumors began about the breakup but nothing was confirmed I guess until now. The low-key couple ended this earlier this summer but it wasn't broadcasted. Reports says that Holmes was the one who ended things, their time together ran its course. Holmes is now focused on her career and raising her 13 year old daughter Suri. Foxx is still out trying to join the Hot Boy Summer as he's been seen out in public with multiple women since the breakup. Suri asked about Foxx and Holmes was honest with her. Suri has created a bond with Foxx over the years so of course she's going to worry; she didn't question her mom either she just accepted it and moved on.

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