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Netflix Announces 'American Son' Coming To Their Service

American Son is a Broadway play following the journey of an interracial who is trying to find their missing son. It has now been announced that the play will be able to be streamed on the infamous platform, Netflix.

In the film, Scandal star, Kerry Washington, is portraying the character Kendra Ellis – Connor. Connor is the mother in the film and reunites with her husband, who is played by Steven Pasquale, at the police station. As a whole, the play focuses on the themes of parenting, race, and culture.

This won’t be the first time Washington is seen in a play. Back in 2009, Washington made her debut on Broadway with the play Race. Although her career in Broadway was short lived due to her casting in Scandal. Nonetheless, it seems Washington is more than excited to make her comeback. She spoke on her feelings with ET.

“I did Race on Broadway right before Scandal, and now I'm coming back kind of to close this chapter of my life. I think I am different in a lot of ways, and also in a lot of ways it's just a homecoming,” Washington began. “I'm a New York girl, I love the theater, this is where I learned how to be an actor... so I'm just grateful to be back.”

The film was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. It will now make its debut on Netflix on November 1st.

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